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Facial rejuvenation massage

This mix of oriental massage techniques and tools are fantastic at encouraging lymphatic drainage and metabolising the fluid that can build up in the tissue.

Techniques to encourage micro circulation of your bodies own circulatory system, tissue tension techniques and acupressure will be used to encourage the regulation of tissues.

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This is a great choice for those that find themselves clenching the jaw with tension, sinus congestion or just want to enjoy the benefits this treatment offers.

Additionally, we will stimulate the senses and the mind with a bespoke blend of aromatic essential oils for a truly individualised treatment.


Facial rejuvenation massage

Duration: 60 minutes

facial acupuncture

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture? interested to learn more? 

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Alternatively, this 30-minute documentary highlights the growing body of scientific evidence that acupuncture is an effective treatment for a variety of health conditions. Watch now

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is used for facial rejuvenation provides a healthy alternative to invasive Western medicine injectables, fillers and surgical procedures. This treatment enhances muscular strength and tone in addition to your overall appearance looking and feeling both, radiant and rejuvenated. This is effective for all ages, and tailored to a specific concern. Nutrition and tailored self-care practices can support you with feeling and looking better. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a belief, ageing is directly influenced by physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. When internal health is in balance, it is reflected on the external with a resolve of symptoms. 

My treatment session may include a combination of acupuncture techniques including auricular, electro acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, tuina/ acupressure massage, and guasha, In addition to offering exercise and lifestyle advice.

The initial consultation including your first acupuncture treatment to begin a course. During the initial consultation a full medical history will be taken, to determine a Chinese medicine diagnosis for individualised treatment. 

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture focusing on facial rejuvenation:  

Initial Consultation and Treatment  (90 minutes): £150

Book a follow on treatment between 10am and 4pm £100

Book a follow on treatment between 5pm and 7pm or Saturdays £120

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have put Acupuncture to the front for management of chronic pain.

New to acupuncture? No problem you are in good hands. This drug free approach has a growing body of evidence based research Evidence A-Z  and its effectiveness with many health conditions including the recent popularity of use for positive aging and facial rejuvenation, known as facial cosmetic acupuncture.


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